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Six Flags White Water

Six Flags White Water is a 69-acre (280,000-m2) water park in East Cobb, Georgia, situated northwest of Atlanta. The park was opened in 1984 as White Water Atlanta and joined the Six Flags family of parks in 1999. It’s now advertised as a secondary entrance to Six Flags Over Georgia, and the two parks frequently promote one other. The park attracted 505,000 visitors in 2012, putting it at number 12 on the list of North America’s best water parks. Six Flags White Water is a fun-filled water park for the whole family. Toddlers are cared for with age-appropriate pools, while those with a few more years under their belt may experience the complete range of adrenaline-inducing slides. Six Flags White Water was built as a corporate brother to Silver Dollar City’s White Water park in Branson, Missouri, and their White Water (Now Hurricane Harbor Oklahoma City) waterpark in Oklahoma, and initially opened in 1984. The park was sold to a group of limited partners who also run the adjacent Six Flags Over Georgia theme park in May 1999, and the facility was renamed “Six Flags White Water” and managed by Six Flags Theme Parks, just like its sister park. Six Flags White Water is divided into four parts, each with its own set of activities. Wildwater Lagoon, Slippery Ridge, and Pine Valley were all part of the park when it initially opened. Before Six Flags’ takeover of the park in 1998, Flash Flood Canyon was installed. The park’s main entrance and essential services, such as Guest Service and First Aid, are located at Wildwater Lagoon. The three Body Flumes, the two Rapids raft flumes, the Mutiny Chute plunge slide, and Lizard’s Tail kids’ slides are all located here around an activity pool.  Typhoon Twister, a massive water slide with a 67-foot basin, is the area’s newest attraction. The Atlanta Ocean wave pool and the Little Hooch lazy river, named after the adjacent Chattahoochee River, are both located in Pine Valley. Children may have fun in the Captain Kid’s Cove Buccaneer Bay and Treehouse Island play areas, while older siblings and parents can slide down Tornado’s big blue and yellow funnel. Visitors at Slippery Ridge may enjoy the high-speed Dragon’s Tail speed slides or “compete” on the park’s new Wahoo Racer six-lane racing slide tower, which replaces the park’s older 100-Meter Splash slides for 2016. Raft riders may enjoy the enclosed Black River Falls and Gulf Coast Screamer slides on their own or as a group at the Caribbean Plunge. The Bahama Bob-Slide employs huge spherical rafts that can hold up to six people at a time, while the Tidal Wave body flume lands in a splash pool connected to the Little Hooch lazy river. The Dive Bomber, the park’s largest single slide, shares a tower with the Run-A-Way River family raft ride in Flash Flood Canyon.

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